COVID-19 Online Materials

COVID-19 Online Materials

Each Ethos class/ensemble has a section below where teachers will place instructional materials during our COVID-19 Break.  


We are hoping to return to in-person instruction in a few weeks.  The April 25 concert is still scheduled for 10am.  


Please use these materials during the interim break to continue learning and preparing.

ACADEMY 1 - High Strings

March 26 – please see email from Mrs. Foster about Zoom rehearsal.  Email for more information.


Mrs. Foster has sent an email about creating a SmartMusic account – required of Academy 1 students during this break.  If you did not receive that email, please email Mrs. Foster at


Aside from SmartMusic, please make sure students continue to work on their concert pieces, listed below:

Allegro – Suzuki

Claire’s Song

In the Groove



ACADEMY 1 - Low Strings

Week of March 26, 2020

Week of March 16, 2020



ACADEMY 2 - High Strings

Week of March 26

Mrs. Foster is doing a Zoom class – email Mrs. Foster at for more information.


Below are the tracks to two of our concert pieces.  I will send the round and some videos later, but I figured I should start with these two.  Please let me know if they are too fast, too slow, or if you have any questions.

Since we are doing a trio with the Happy Farmer I have send the track for each part so that it helps you practice better. Make sure to pick the right track.


On the Witches’ Dance Round, make sure that the dotted rhythms are accurate!

Happy Farmer Trio – Violin 1

Happy Farmer Trio – Violin 2

Happy Farmer Trio – Violin 3

Hunter’s Chorus

Witches Dance Round

ACADEMY 2 - Low Strings


WEEK OF MARCH 16, 2020

See below for mp3 recordings of everything students play so they can play along at home, and also short instructional videos where I explain to them a new concept or something to focus on during practice for the week.


I know this is new for all of us, so please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. If you think I am not being clear, or going too fast, or whatever it is that you think may help your child practice better, please let me know. I want to make sure that they stay motivated and practicing.


Technique class should work this week on:

1. B Flat major scale (see mp3 file below)

2. Shifting

3. #64 pg 14 of their book


Camerata practice all three concert pieces with the recordings. But please watch video on the Two Grenadiers and Focus on those areas.



Videos are on YouTube and here are the links:


1. B Flat Scale:

2. Shifting:

3. #64





If you could please, take a minute and send a short video of the kids practice so that I can send some feedback. I’d love to stay in touch as much as possible.


#64 – Brandenburg Concerto


#46 – Bb Major Scale


#88 – The Two Grenadiers


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